|Why Choose Formula Fast?

If you’re thinking about booking a karting event, you’ll be faced with a huge choice of locations. But how do you choose the best one for you?

We reckon we’ve got most boxes ticked, so here’s a useful list of reasons you should give us a try next time you’re booking your place on the grid.

You’ll be supporting local business

We might look big, but Formula Fast is actually a family-founded, local small business. Milton Keynes is our only venue and your money goes directly into making your experience an awesome one.Formula Fast owners Phil Stanley and Ollie Fox are the youngest circuit owners in the UK and we’re aiming to bring a fresh, innovative approach to indoor karting. We’ve reinvested thousands back into the business to make it the very best it can be.

Take a look at our recent improvements.


You don’t just need to take our word for it

Formula Fast MK are one of the most highly acclaimed destinations in the UK, and we’re very proud to have won some amazing awards (see below).

We’re also ranked consistently near the top of Tripadvisor’s ‘Things to Do’ list in Milton Keynes and Bucks, with 97% of reviewers giving us 4 stars or above (and 91% of those rated us 5 stars).



We take care of the small details…

We’re not afraid to say we’re fanatical about small details.

Our 200cc Sodi GT5 kart fleet is a great example: we spend hours each week maintaining, monitoring, testing and adjusting each kart to a target tolerance (between fastest to slowest kart) of 0.2 of a second.

This means when you race with us, it’s all about driver talent rather than picking a quick kart!We take the same approach to your event.

From your initial booking to your pre-session training, racing on track and everything has been thought through in great detail to ensure you and your guests are well looked after, safe and entertained.


 …and the big stuff!

On the bigger side of things we’ve also got it covered. We have one of the biggest indoor karting arenas in the country, and as sole hosts of the British Rental Kart Championship our circuit has been well reviewed by drivers all over the world.

Junior drivers use the same British championship circuit layout as the adults, making us one of the biggest tracks for junior drivers in the area (including a number of outdoor circuits!)

We can cater for any size group, with a large mezzanine viewing balcony (complete with F1 pit wall and live data feeds), a purpose built VIP room overlooking the track, a trackside viewing area (for those wanting to get a close up view of the action), and an on-site cafe with full catering options – including our famous pizzas.

Check out our venue in more detail.



We care.

Despite being the ‘new kids on the block’, our team between us boast several decades of combined motorsport and hospitality experience. We’re all enthusiasts and we love sharing our passion for karting with guests of all ages and experience.Whether it’s helping a nervous first-time driver gain the confidence to lap the circuit for the first time, or giving a seasoned racer the tips needed shave those crucial tenths of a second off their personal best, we want to send you home buzzing!

We’ve also helped hundreds of youngsters and adults with learning difficultes or limited mobility enjoy the thrill of karting for themselves through our Access Karting Scheme.



We’re safe – and fair.

We take your safety seriously. As well as having an experienced crew to train and monitor the racing on track, we utilise unique technology to keep you safe whilst racing. For example, our electronic speed control system automatically slows karts under ‘yellow’ or ‘red’ light conditions to neutralise racing, keeping drivers and marshals safe.

We have an impeccable safety record, and as a member of the National Karting Association steering group, we play an active role in setting and monitoring karting industry standards.



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