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We believe that all individuals should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of karting for themselves.

Those with limited mobility, learning difficulties, and other special requirements can enjoy a superb and safe experience at Formula Fast, whether that is through driving themselves, or riding with an instructor in our state-of-the-art 390cc two-seater kart.

We also welcome guests to visit us for a guided tour of a live motorsport circuit, to experience the hugely sensory environment full of exciting noises, vibrations and colours.

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Please note that Access Karting sessions are subject to availability. Please read the below requirements before booking.

We will do our best to accommodate your preferred date and time. However, please provide alternative options in case your first choice is unavailable.

Sorry – our Access Karting programme is currently fully booked.

Please check back at a later date for more availability.

  • AKS sessions are usually run at quieter times (usually weekday mornings) which allows flexibility for our instructors train at each person’s own pace, with no distractions
  • Track use (and the rest of the venue where possible) is always exclusive to AKS groups, no matter what the size
  • Where possible, we try to get each individual driving by themselves, with close supervision and after extensive training
  • Driving time (inc. tuition) is usually recommended at 30 Minutes per driver
  • Drivers who are not able or keen to drive themselves have the opportunity to experience ‘hot laps’ as a passenger in our instructor-driven two-seater kart
  • Despite the best intentions, the noise and adrenaline of motorsport can sometimes be a little overwhelming. We have a policy of positive encouragement and ‘challenge by choice’ – driving on the day is not compulsory.
  • Spectators are very welcome and a tour of the venue can be arranged for groups with special requirements or non-drivers.
  • Drivers must be a minimum of 8 years old, minimum height 125cm.
  • Maximum recommended weight: 18 stone. Maximum recommended height: 6’4″
  • Participants who wish to drive ‘solo’ must be physically capable of firmly pushing their feet on the pedals and using their arms for steering, which can initially feel quite heavy. The instructor will demonstrate and give simple verbal instructions to teach kart control which will need to be understood by the drivers.
  • Participants who wish to experience a ‘hot lap’ ride in our two seater kart as a passenger must be able to sit upright in the rear seat. The instructor will demonstrate and give simple instructions for the passenger to follow if they would like to go faster, slower, or stop. They must be able to use their hands to communicate with the instructor whilst on track (gripping the shoulder of the instructor to go slower/stop, tapping to go faster)
  • Groups must arrive promptly. For the drivers own safety and enjoyment, we need all the time allocated to your group to carry out training and run the session in full.
  • The more we know, the better the experience! Details of each individual’s capabilities, prior experience and any relevant information supplied in advance help our instructors provide fully tailored training.
  • We will not let drivers out on circuit if we do not feel they are safe to participate. Where possible we will offer an alternative hot-lap passenger experience.
  • There must be sufficient carers on hand to manage and supervise all participants (driving or not) for the duration of the event. They may be asked for assistance by our instructors if necessary.
  • Carers/organisers assume all responsibility for the participants and spectators whilst at the venue, and will be required to sign our disclaimer on their behalf on arrival.
  • There are disabled access, viewing and toilet facilities at the venue. Unfortunately there is no lift to the upstairs floor.
  • In case of emergency evacuation, carers will be required to assist staff in evacuating any vulnerable persons from the building (plan available on request).
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