|Grand Prix | The Ultimate Event

5 Reasons you should be booking your next event with us...

Why choose a Grand Prix at Formula Fast? Imagine the excitement of exclusive track access, experiencing the adrenaline rush of real F1-style racing with qualifying laps and a thrilling main event.

Enjoy seamless convenience with all-inclusive packages covering race gear and preparation. Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday, or special celebration, the state-of-the-art facilities and personalised experience will leave everyone with unforgettable memories.

Ready to elevate your next event?

| Exclusive Track Use

Private Event No interruptions or distractions from other groups. Your team can fully immerse in the racing experience without having to share the track with outsiders.

Tailored Experience The session can be customised to meet the specific needs and preferences of your group, ensuring a unique and personal event, have a Stag? Grab the Pink Race Suit!

| Authentic F1 Experience

Professional Setup From the 10-lap qualifying session to the 20-minute race with standing starts, participants get a taste of real Formula 1 racing.

Podium Finish Celebrate like the pros with a podium presentation and photo opportunities, adding to the thrill and prestige of the event.

| Comprehensive Packages

All Inclusive The package includes all necessary racewear, ensuring safety and comfort. Briefings and kart control tuition make sure even beginners are ready to race.

Ease and Convinience All equipment is provided, so participants only need to show up ready to race. This hassle-free approach ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience.

| Perfect for Various Occasions

Versatility Whether it’s a corporate event to boost team morale, a birthday celebration, or a stag/hen party, the Grand Prix format fits any occasion perfectly.

Team Building Racing together can foster teamwork and camaraderie, making it an excellent choice for corporate outings and team-building events.

| Advanced Facilities

Top Notch Equipment State-of-the-art karts and a professionally designed circuit ensure an exhilarating and safe racing experience.

Comfort and Safety Modern facilities provide comfort for participants, while safety measures ensure everyone can enjoy the race worry-free.

PLUS Lap time printouts for everyone with performance metrics, adding a competitive edge and a memorable keepsake. Lastly, celebrate with us. Your Grand Prix always includes a medal for the winner and podium presentation, ensuring everyone leaves with a sense of achievement and lasting memories.

Booking a Grand Prix at Formula Fast guarantees an exciting, professional, and unforgettable racing experience tailored to any group’s needs.

PHONE | 01908 904111

EMAIL | sales@formulafast.co.uk

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