|Sean Brierley: A chat with the reigning BRKC champ

We caught up with Sean Brierley, our 2022 winner, on all things BRKC.

BRKC 2023 is around 70 days away. As we welcome new faces, skills and attempted wins to the track, Sean talks to us about his highlights, and what to look out for at next years race.

BRKC 2023 is seeing quite a few return drivers. What tips do you have for those joining us for the first time?

The feedback I often get from first timers is that BRKC is a lot harder than it looks on the outside. With the nature of the track and the parity of the karts the entire field is often spread by less than a second from top to bottom. Every small improvement can be worth 5-10 championship positions at the end of the day, so getting laps under your belt is everything. I’d recommend attending as many practices as you are able to and find a rhythm.

BRKC 2023 is a mere 70 odd days away! How much practice are you looking to get in before the big event..? or are you a true track master now 😉?

I’ve normally done a practice or two by this point so I’m already a little behind the curve. I’ll be doing the unlimited nights moving forward as my preferred practice method. They are quick 10 minute stints on track which gives me the chance to practice getting up to speed quickly for qualifying. I’m definitely not a track master, there is always something new to find and improve on.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the days packed with a lot of action, looking back on BRKC 2022, What was your favourite moment other than winning? Anything you would tell drivers to look out for?

The entire event has a great feel to it, I really enjoy the atmosphere and how much work all of our new and returning drivers put into it. The kart parity is unmatched so I’m never worried about which kart I get assigned. I don’t think I have a favourite moment apart from winning the event, so I would probably say I look forward most to watching the qualifying for round 1 race 1 each year.

As one of our earliest BRKC competitors, what upgrades have you seen throughout the years that you are most fond of? Anything from venue to driver ability 😉

BRKC has come a long way and not just because this used to be a multi-round outdoor event. I watched some footage from the first year at Formula Fast and the development is huge. From the condition of the track to the development of the pit stop system to the footage presented by the Scruffy Bear himself – it’s all just fantastic. The standard of drivers also keeps increasing with ever growing local and foreign talent taking to the stage.


Lastly, let’s go for some quick-fire questions

Favourite F1 Track – Silverstone 

Favourite Kart Track (we won’t be upset) – Formula Fast *blushes*

Who have you got your eye on at BRKC 2023? – Sam Slater. He finished 11th last year and seems more driven than ever to fight for the title. He has the belief that he can and the speed to match it. 

A huge thanks to Sean for taking the time to answer our questions. As always, we’re excited to welcome all BRKC drivers and spectators to the venue, let’s see what BRKC 2023 has in store for us!

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