|Relaxing on a Saturday…

As you can imagine, a Saturday for us at Formula Fast is our busiest day – ranging from junior parties, all the way to big, hairy stag events . It’s all good fun, and I wouldn’t give it up – but with running races and looking after customers all day comes a fair amount of stress…

A few weeks back I decided to purchase what can only be described as toy. At the same time, it’s still 50cc of pure fun. A miniature motorcycle or ‘mini moto’, that cost me £80 from a local mechanic. After some initial running issues – it now provides me a way de-stressing at the end of a day, as well as multiple bruises.

Apart from being a little cramped, even for my towering 5’7″ stature, it’s pretty cool. But that’s about as far as I’d go to describing its thrills.

I’d love to argue to our insurance that it would be safe to run to the public – but from my own experience, it’s not. It’s really not.
Since I’ve had it, its had to have a replacement sprocket, clutch, engine, carburettor, fuel line, fuel filter, brake lever, spark plug and 2 sets of foot pegs. Thankfully, parts are pennies – but they really are meant for kids.

I’ve included a little video for you below – enjoy.

– Ollie.

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