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Milton Keynes will be hosting three rounds of the Rugby World Cup at Stadium:MK on the 1st, 3rd and 6th October.

Whilst this is tremendously exciting for us (the stadium is just 500m from our circuit), it is highly likely that there will be travel disruption in the area between the 30th September and 7th October, especially by road.

Bond Avenue and Dawson Road will be closed to normal traffic in both directions on event days. However, we have been assured access will be granted to those going to Formula Fast.

Please bear in mind the following before your event if you are travelling by car:

    • Leave PLENTY of time to meet your event arrival time, in case of traffic
      We always do our best to be flexible, but we cannot guarantee you can drive if you are late. All drivers must undergo compulsory safety procedures, and we have to ensure timings for subsequent events.
    • Print and keep your Booking Confirmation ready to display if needed
      Event stewards will be manning the closed roads and will control access. Right of entry should be granted to anyone specifically requesting access to Formula Fast, but we recommend having your confirmation with you just in case.
    • Keep us updated on 01908 904111
      If you think you might be late, or experience any problems, let us know on the number above. We can’t guarantee we can move your booking, however the sooner we know about a problem, the more likely we will be able to help.
    • Don’t wear rugby gear…
      Believe it or not, some fans have tried to sneak access for free parking in the past by claiming they are visiting our circuit, so the event stewards will be on the lookout for any con-artists – don’t look like a rugby supporter!

More information can be found at rugbyworldcup.com, including information for those planning to travel by public transport. A full road map is below – do plan your route carefully.

We look forward to seeing you here.

Team Formula Fast

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