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We grabbed a quick chat with Team Manager Brad Sheppard on his most recent BRKC Team Champions victory!

Congratulations on the Teams win! How much practice did your team undertake in prep for BRKC?

The entire team has worked incredibly hard for this over the past few seasons. On the month leading up to the event the team practiced very hard at the track. Not only practicing on track, we spent many late nights in online meetings regarding strategy and performance to ensure we were fully prepared for the event itself.

What does the BRKC win mean to you? Both as a team and as a manager. Any tips for aspiring managers?

It was a very emotional feeling winning the British Rental Kart Championship. As a team we have won many championships over the last 4 years with a wide range of drivers. To finally be crowned British Champions is an amazing feeling and certainly taken time to sink in!

For the past 5 years, I have tried to get the message across to the motorsport world of just how competitive rental karting can be. I like to think of it as more of a ‘step aside’ from owner driving and not a ‘step backwards’ and I feel our win at the BRKC has gone a long way to proving this.

Who did you have at BRKC to support you? Do you have any pre-race traditions/rituals that helped secure your win? (the weirder the better)

Over the course of the BRKC weekend, all 13 BSR Drivers wore a unique visor sticker in memory of my grandad Rodney Sheppard. Rodney was a huge part in building the success within BSR and his passing left a big gap in our hearts. As a ritual I tap, my helmet before leaving the pit lane every time before going on track.

Our win at the British Rental Kart Championship was a fantastic send off and tribute to him as we said our final goodbye!

What tips do you have for drivers looking to join a team? Is there certain criteria drivers need to have met in order to qualify?

Being a part of a race team is great, it gives you the ability to learn and get help from drivers with more experience and is guaranteed to speed up your progression through the karting ladder.

At BSR we coach a lot of up-and-coming drivers throughout all forms of karting. All our coaches have a vast amount of experience and will analysis and manage your progression. When we feel that you are ready, we will then progress you onto our race team.

Lastly, lets go for some quick-fire questions

Who did you have the most competition with? – Bluestar Racing
Favourite Kart Track (we won’t be upset) – Formula Fast 😉
Any personal heroes? – Ayrton Senna
Who have you got your eye on at BRKC 2024? – Sebastian Miller

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