|A Chat with the BRKC 2023 Champ | Vica Schledz

We celebrate Vica’s win with an informal chat on all things BRKC, and all things winning!

Congratulations on the win! How much practice did you undertake in prep for BRKC?

On Thursday I trained 6 heats.
On Friday I had reserved a few more heats to practice the pit stops.
The pit stops are sometimes tricky and can go wrong. It is important not to make mistakes with the stops.

What does the BRKC win mean to you? You’ve won at such a young age, prior to this how many championships/competition wins did you have under your belt?

The win felt great. I really gave everything and it worked. I can’t describe it well but I was speechless at that moment. Kind of disbelieving but it was true.

In August 2022 I won the Belgian National Championship.
In 2021 I was second at the Belgian National Championship but I did win the junior title.
For example, I won a number of junior titles.
PICC 2020
BNC 2021/2022
FRKC 2022
KWC 2022
I also ride 24 hour team races and we won some of these.
I like to drive 24 hour races.

Who did you have at BRKC to support you? Do you have any pre-race traditions/rituals that helped secure your spot on the podium? (the weirder the better)
My parents always go with me to the championships.
My grandparents follow the races from home if possible.

As this is your second BRKC, how difficult do you think it will be to hold onto the title?

That is always difficult. Several factors are involved. It all has to go well and you can only do your best. Well, more than your best. 😊

Lastly, lets go for some quick-fire questions

Who did you have the most competition with? – This time with Ruben Boutens. There are of course more excellent riders that I have to compete against.

Favourite Kart Track (we won’t be upset) – Worldkart Kortrijk BE
Formulafast is a bit far for me to ride a few heats 😊

Any personal heroes? – Fernando Alonso

Who have you got your eye on at BRKC 2024? – That’s a tough question. There are several drivers who certainly have a chance. I am satisfied when the winner deserves to be the winner.

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