|3 Ways To Get Better Value Karting

Formula Fast offers a great selection of formats to suit all ages, occasions, and budgets – all on a big British Championship circuit with some of the best racing karts out there. But what gets you the most driving for your money?

Firstly, some advice: driving time shouldn’t necessarily be the only factor when deciding what to value in your event. It’s a good indicator, but there can be other things that are more important. Private circuit hire, for example, comes with a slightly higher price tag but gives your event that exclusive touch that can’t be measured in track time alone.

It’s also worth considering your own objectives and level of experience. Beginner drivers looking for a great introduction to karting will nearly always benefit from a shorter, more focused session, instead of a session where flat-out mileage is the aim.

However, if you’re a speed-junkie looking to get maximum time in the seat for the minimum spend, here are 3 ways to get optimum value from your next karting experience:

3. Grab a Special Offer… or a cheeky discount

You might not know it, but we have a whole page dedicated to saving you money! Our Special Offers page showcases any monthly deals we may have for a particular format, so it’s always worth a visit.

It also details discounts available to certain groups – for example, we offer a 10% discount to Students, those serving in the Armed Forces or anyone working for the Emergency Services. All you’ll need is to present a valid ID on arrival.

We also have a permanent special offer for weekday Adult Timed Practice sessions – your first 20 Minutes will cost you just £20 (£5 less than the normal £25 per driver).

2. Go for longer!

Formula Fast offer a sliding scale on most formats. The more time you choose to do, the cheaper your karting becomes per minute.

There’s a good reason for this. We want to ensure you’re enjoying your driving time at the best rate – so we reward those who want to drive for longer. We are also able to offer cheaper rates on longer formats, as most of our costs are associated with getting you here in the first place, and initially prepping you (and our resources) for your event.

An extra £10 will upgrade you our from our shortest Grand Prix – which is around 25 Minutes total track time (exclusive track hire, qualifying and a race) – to the longest format at over 40 minutes total track time.

We also offer a heavily discounted ‘Additional Session’ rate for Timed Practice sessions – at £15 pp for each extra session you take part in (on the same day) you’ll be saving up to £10 on each drive.

1. Become a Member

Membership is our absolute favorite way to reward drivers and our best recommendation for long-term saving on your motorsport.

For just £20, you’ll have a Lifetime Membership (click here, for more on Go-Karting membership at Formula Fast) you’ll never need to renew. This gives you two big advantages when it comes to getting the best value for money and maximum track time.

  • 1. Permanent discounts. Members get 10% off most standard pricing, so each and every time you visit, you’ll be saving money.
  • 2. Member Events. Our Members-only events all feature lots of track time at a low cost – including our extremely popular Unlimited Karting evenings which are held twice a month.

Super Sunday (2 hours total duration) and Fast Friday (2.5 hours total duration) Unlimited Karting sessions consist of as many 10 minute sessions as we can squeeze into the time available – and with a strict capacity to ensure everyone can drive at least every other session, you’re guaranteed plenty of driving time.

If you want to keep informed of all the latest updates, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – just click the links in the website footer. See you on the grid!

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