|Why book Karting & Escape Rooms?

It’s the start of Stag & Hen season and we are here to make your multi-activity dreams come alive. To spice up your event, CIPHER is the perfect addition to karting. Perhaps some of the team don’t want to face the test of the track? Or maybe you have more puzzle-inquisitive friends? An Escape Room is perfect for all groups!

What event should we book on the track?

Grand Prix are our most popular event, and by far have the hearts of all racers. Start off with 10 Laps of qualifying, followed by a grid up on our back straight. Wait for the green light and then it’s GO! 20 minutes of faced paced fun. Our Grand Prix is perfect for Stag/Hen Do’s/Adult Birthday Parties/Corporate Events and means you get exclusive use of our track. For just £45pp, what are you waiting for?

Will I enjoy the escape room?

If you haven’t done an escape room before, CIPHER is a fantastic place to start. With only 5* reviews, we really pride ourselves on our authentic and immersive experience. Feel like you’re stepping into 1940’s Bletchley, and help save the nation.

How many people can do karting + escape rooms?

The two events work really well together. Our track has a minimum of 6 for exclusive use, whilst CIPHER has a maximum of 6 per room. The Escape Room experience lasts around 1hr30, and is a great addition to any Grand Prix!

How much can we save?

We are running a fantastic offer which entitles you to 10% off each event, if both are booked at the same time! Save 10% off karting, and then 10% off your escape room experience. All you need to do is call us on 01908 904111

So… Do you have what it takes?


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