|Last-Minute COVID Restrictions

New COVID restrictions that may impact your event

We are frustrated to have to inform our guests that late on Friday 9th April, the government amended regulations that previously allowed us to open as planned on the 12th April.

This unexpected and sudden change means that indoor circuits must now remain closed until the 17th May.

What’s changed?
  • The government yesterday created a new category that has reclassified karting as a ‘Step 3’ activity. This new category has never been mentioned in any previous guidance or legislation.
  • The ammendment was made at the last possible moment, contrary to all previous guidance and advice.
  • There has been no prior consultation, which would have confirmed that indoor karting is extremely safe, as it involves spreading less than 15 people in full protective gear over 30,000+ square foot of fully ventilated warehouse.

Pre-opening preparations

The decision is incredibly disappointing. We took extensive advice from a variety of official and professional sources before making plans to reopen. All confirmed that indoor karting could resume on Monday 12th April.

Their advice was based on the extensive legislation released by the govenment in March, specifically giving businesses the time and information needed to prepare for reopening.

This impacts our team, who have worked hard to get the venue ready for opening, our business, which is recovering from a difficult year, and most importantly our guests. It is totally outside of our control, and to say that we are infuriated at the situation would be an understatement.

What now?

We are looking at two options moving forward:


      Formula Fast are lucky enough to have an outdoor space adjacent to our building which can be partially converted to allow all pre & post event preparations, and a track area, to be migrated outdoors.

      We believe this would allow us to operate within the rules for outdoor circuits, by eliminating any interactions indoors whatsoever.

      However, given the timing of the announcement we will not be able to obtain the neccessary advice and permissions until Monday 12th April at the earliest, at which point we will need several days to construct the new area.

      Unfortunately, this means that all events booked from Monday 12th to Friday 16th April will be unable to go ahead. Any affected bookings are being contacted immediately with options for their event.

      If we can proceed ‘outdoors’, all bookings from the 17th April onwards will go ahead as planned using the new area.

      For peace of mind, we guarantee that any booking cancelled by us due to a COVID-related issue will have their event fully credited and rescheduled.


    If our plan to move operations outdoors is not able to go ahead, unfortunately we will not be able to run events in Step 2 (12th April to 16th May).

    However, we would then reopen on the 17th May, with less restrictions and more awesome new upgrades.

    As before, we will contact all guests as soon as we can confirm our plans, and affected bookings will have their event fully credited and rescheduled.

How will I find out?

If you have a booking with us that is impacted by the new regulation, we will be in touch – watch your inbox for more information. Please wait for us to contact you, as our team are operating with a newly increased workload!

Thank you again to all of our guests and followers for your patience and loyalty, and we look forward to welcoming you back to a newly-upgraded experience as soon as possible.


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