|Go Karting – Whatever The Weather

Formula Fast offers one of the biggest indoor circuits in Britain and our professionally designed indoor track means you’ll rarely have to call a race off due to bad weather.

So why go to an outdoor track on the chance you might not even race? We all know the weather in this country can be all too unreliable – and a heavy downpour, snow, ice or stormy conditions could all force an early halt to an outdoor race event.

Indoor karting, however, is suitable for all levels of driver. Being indoors, the track allows you to gain experience in the karts regardless of the weather outside, perfect for juniors (click for more information on our kids go karting parties) who may just be starting their karting careers. Wet weather driving, on the other hand, is a tricky skill for a beginner to master, and standing out in the rain isn’t too much fun for spectators either.

A challenge for beginners and experts

Our track can test the most experienced of drivers, with the highlight of the track the infamous ‘Stadium Bend’ – a deceptively tricky tightening hairpin after a long straight – often the deciding factor between victory and coming home at the back-of-the-grid. We’re also the sole hosts of the British Rental Kart Championship, so you’ll be driving the same critically-acclaimed circuit as some of the world’s best kart racers.

We often get asked if it’s possible to overtake on an indoor track. The answer is always a resounding yes! Whilst indoor go karting is usually defined by a narrower and slightly slower speed track than an outdoor circuit, there are several great overtaking opportunities on our Milton Keynes circuit. Just like F1, or the fantastic Formula E series, indoor karting is a little bit like racing on a street circuit – you need to plan your moves carefully and employ a good strategy to outwit your opponents and work your way up the order.

Consistent – and safe

Safety is paramount. Indoor karting provides consistent driving conditions, allowing you to build on your skills gradually until you’re feeling confident to push your speed to the max. You’ll also have the added bonus of being able to compare like-for-like lap times with anyone else who’s ever set a lap time around our track. Our online race servers allow you to view your entire race history and up-to-date lap time leaderboards, 24/7.

Go Karting can be a thrilling experience for people of all ages, and when it’s indoors you’re guaranteed an exciting drive all-year round. So, whatever the occasion, get your friends, family or colleagues together and see who can boast the fastest lap around our award-winning circuit!

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