|This Isn’t Even Our Final Form…

If you’ve driven the track recently, you’ll know that the overall pace has shot up over the past few weeks – dishing out 33 and 34 second lap times to all accustomed drivers. Don’t believe me? Then come and have a drive…

As well as lap records, we’ve got a lot coming up over the the next couple of months – firstly, if you’d driven the Banbury track, you’ll remember the track-side TV – an effective way to show you live laptimes, or if you’re me, how quickly the guy behind is catching you up. Either way, it’s something you can expect to return at the new circuit very soon – perfect for our unlimited karting sessions.

Secondly, Champs. Oh how we love the Championships… The first rounds to our Cadet and Adult Winter series are starting next month, and we expect to see well practiced drivers earning their trophies in the most competitive of the FF race formats.

Finally, the Formula Fast race team – we want to congratulate Jonny Wilkinson and Josh McCallum for passing their ARKS test and competing at Whilton Mill last weekend – top job to you both. It seems the hours of practice and successful testing has done wonders with your race craft.

See you on the grid,


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