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We’re passionate about your experience, so when it comes to the gear you’ll be using during your visit, you’ll notice we’ve spared no expense to bring you the very best.

  • Our Go Karting activity boasts cutting edge race timing, light systems and barrier tech. We’re known for our innvotations, so be sure to check out gadgets like our custom-built dashboards for an enhanced experience.

    Our fleet is top-of-the-range, with our legendary focus on kart parity giving you the ultimate fair race.

  • Our Escape Rooms utilise the latest electronic gadgetry and cool mechanisms, courtesy of ‘COGS’, the UK’s top escape room control systems. Once you’re in the room, you’ll be transported back in time with our carefully sourced props to fully immerse you in the game.
  • Our Axe Throwing activity will have you embracing your inner Viking with specialised axes, as used by the World Axe Throwing League. Our lanes are fully equipped with the latest interactive projected AR target systems, bringing a new dimension to an amazing experience.

Nerding out on all the amazing gear? Check out the fine details below…



|Sodi GT5

Sodi GT5

ENGINE| Honda GX200
POWER | 200cc / 6.5hp
TRANSMISSION | Wet clutch / Belt drive
TOP SPEED | 50mph on GP Circuit
FEATURES | ‘HEAD’ Energy Absorption system, Adjustable seat and pedals

|BIZ Evo Cadet

Biz Evo Cadet

ENGINE| Honda GX120
POWER | 120cc / 4.5hp
TRANSMISSION | Dry clutch / Chain drive
TOP SPEED | 40mph on GP Circuit
FEATURES | Adjustable seat and ‘flipover’ pedals, angled & padded steering boss

|Sodi 2-Drive

Sodi 2-Drive

ENGINE| Honda GX270
POWER | 270cc / 8.5hp
TRANSMISSION | Wet clutch / Belt drive
TOP SPEED | 55mph on GP Circuit
FEATURES | Dual adjustable & lockable controls, Full centrifugal locking safety harnesses

|Race Control

Race Control

LIGHT CONTROL | 48 x DMX controlled LED strobes
CCTV | 36 x 4k cameras with slow-motion replay
KART SAFETY | DeHaardt Remote Speed Controller
COMMUNICATION | Motorola 2-way radio system

|Driver Dashboard

Driver Dashboard

POSITION| Current position + gap to next driver
LAPTIME | Last lap, green & purple notifications
SECTORS | Sector split timing
DELTA | To personal best lap overall best
FLAG NOTIFICATIONS | Yellow, Red, Chequered
WARNINGS | Driver warnings and notifications



|Competition Thrower

WATL® Competition Thrower

The Competition Thrower is specifically engineered for axe throwing.

Boasting a thin and sharp profile with a straight-handle design, this slightly heavier axe allows you to hit the bullseye with pinpoint accuracy, every time. 

|Steel Hatchet


A great all-rounder, this hatchet axe is slightly lighter than our WATL Competion Thrower.

With a carbon-steel head and hickory handle, this axe is comfortable to hold, well balanced and forgiving!

|Angel Axe

Angel Throwing Axe

A cross between a throwing axe and throwing knife – and representing the best of both worlds!

Incredibly light, easy to throw, and with extra points of contact compared to our other axes, this unique design is perfect for beginners who find heavier axes hard to handle.



|COGS Show Control


No more boring padlocks!

We’ve invested in the state-of-the-art COGS platform to handle puzzle interactions, room lighting, special effects, music and more.

The result? An immersive, reliable system that reacts instantly to your actions, and enhances the realism of your experience.

|Realistic Props

Realistic Props

There’s nothing worse than having an immersive experience spoiled by props or room decor that just doesn’t work.

All of our props have been carefully sourced to complement our theme, with a large proportion being genuine items from that period. 

Our aim: to make your experience indistinguishable from the real thing!

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