LD Care – Access Karting Scheme

LD Care Visit Formula Fast We recently had a fantastic opportunity to host two consecutive karting events for LD Car, a specialist organisation that provides support for people with profound multiple disabilities. We believe that all individuals should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of karting for themselves. Those with limited mobility, learning difficulties, […]

Access Karting Scheme Reaches 5000 Laps

Multi-award winning karting specialists Formula Fast recently reached an incredible milestone, with an amazing 5000 lap total recorded under a charitable scheme aimed at making karting as accessible as possible. The Access Karting Scheme – which is designed to offer bespoke sessions for those with limited mobility, learning difficulties, or other special requirements – has […]

The Winner Is… #BeatBailey #FFFestival

On the 2nd of August we hosted the Formula Fast Festival to celebrate our 2nd year running at Milton Keynes, and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made it such a memorable day. Here are our highlights… It started with a vibrant display of race cars out in front of […]

New Thunderkart Arrives

The new engine for our Two-seater ‘thunderkart’ is here… The Two-Seater is an integral part of our ‘Access Karting’ scheme – established by Formula Fast founder Hannah Charles, to help those with limited mobility, learning difficulties, and other special requirements the opportunity to experience motorsport in an interactive and exciting way. BizKarts built Formula Fast’s […]