|Can you escape? Our top tips to beat the clock!

Last month saw the opening of our brand new Cipher escape rooms. Across a busy opening month, we saw many keen Escapees set foot into Hut 17 and put their skills to the test. Our Games Masters have been keeping a close eye on groups (often much to their amusement!) and have concocted a list of the “Top 5 tips to help you Escape!”

1. Search Thoroughly!

Not everything you need will always be in plain sight! We don’t like to make it easy for you, so search thoroughly for items; even in the places you might not expect!

2. Carefully examine your clues!

Everything you need to complete a puzzle will be in the clue you receive, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to solve. Pay careful attention to any written/audible/visual clues you get, everything you need to help you complete a task will be in there, you just have to decipher it.

3. Work smarter not harder!

It’s easy to overcomplicate puzzles when you’re trying to figure them out. Work through all the routes your group come up with to solve puzzles, but we recommend always starting with the simplest approach first, it could save you tonnes of time! If in doubt, go back to basics, work with what you know.

4. A strong team goes a long way!

Although you can have up to 6 players in your team, we recommend teams of 4 people. Groups that know each other well, with a variety of skills amongst their players always make it onto the leader board! The players that make up your team are vital, having a range of thinking patterns and strengths to approach puzzles with makes the world of difference to how your game unfolds.

5. Don’t forget you can ask for help!

If you’re really scratching your heads and need a bit of guidance, our games masters are available to help! Don’t panic, asking for help isn’t cheating and we’ll never just hand you the answers; our games masters are skilled at feeding just the right amount of information to help get you back on track (but not formula fast).


2023 promises some exciting additions to Cipher, with two new rooms to open later this year. Until then, we’re ready to continue welcoming more groups into Hut 17. With a current top time of 48:49 to beat, set by “The Corals”, do you fancy your chances at winning a spot on the leaderboard? Book online today to put these tips to the test!

So… Do you have what it takes?


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