Sodi 2-Drive Championship Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Formula Fast Indoor Karting will be hosting the British Sodi ‘2-Drive’ Championship in 2018.

Starting in May, this 6 round series will feature our newest investment – a fleet of 20 x Dual Control Sodi 2-Drive karts.

Each team will consist of 2 paired drivers – one responsible for steering, the other for controlling the throttle and brake.

The format will be a grueling 8-hour endurance featuring unique, never tried before ‘on-the-go’ refueling, requiring one driver to successfully top up their moving vehicle from the passenger seat, using the provided 100-litre jerry cans (carried by the pedal operator).

Series Race Director Phil Stanley said:

‘We’ve tested the concept extensively, and aside from some minor-to-moderate fire-related issues associated with the refuelling, we’re pleased with the end result.’

‘Motorsport has faced criticism recently for being time-consuming and costly. The 2 drive series halves the cost of competing (because drivers are share the entry fee), and the reduced responsibility of only having to control half the kart will free up time for them to complete other tasks, like calculating optimum refuelling strategy, having a go at a sudoku or even catching up on some sleep.’

Pricing will be set at approximately £10,000 per team, per round, 98% of which will be allocated towards mandatory driver insurance.