|Absolutely Kart Club Membership

It’s been a while in the making, but we can’t wait to show you our brand new AKC Membership!

Over the past few month’s we’ve been cooking up a brand new membership scheme with our new partners Absolutely Leisure.

We’re pleased to announce it’s finally ready to roll out.

What do I get?

Up to 60 Minutes free karting – every month

Yep – you heard it right: you can book up 60 Minutes worth of open Adult Timed Practice sessions every single month as part of your monthly fee. Practice your technique, or compete against other drivers for your place on top of the leaderboard.

We’ll send you a new code each month to book online, or you can call us directly to reserve your slot.

Free balaclava & gloves

Grab yourself all the kit you need to speed. We’ll supply you with your own racing balaclava and gloves to look the part on track – and perform at your best.

Fast track bookings

Once you’re part of the club, you don’t need to pay a deposit to reserve your space. Skip the fuss: simply give us a call and we’ll book you in straight away.

Fast track briefings

It’s not only bookings that you’ll have a VIP pass to. With AKC membership we trust you to keep yourself and others safe on track – so you’ll only need a briefing once a year.

10% discount on all formats

We know that your hunger for driving isn’t just be confined to Timed Practice sessions, so you’ll also get 10% off our standard formats.

Access to Member-Only events

AKC Membership is your VIP-pass to our exclusive Member events. Unlimited Karting, Members Nights, Championships and more – plus access to other Absolutely Karting venues.

How much does it cost?

AKC Membership is just £21.99 per month, collected by direct debit.

We recommend adding the optional 50p donation to our charity ‘Absolutely Together’, providing facilities for children with learning difficulties.

Member-Only events are priced individually (not included in AKC Membership).

Who is eligible?

Drivers over the age of 14 are eligible for AKC Membership.

Drivers who are aged 14-17 require third-party consent from a responsible adult.

How do I get it?

You can sign up for AKC Membership here.

Your complimentary 60 Minutes Timed Practice sessions can be Booked Online (we will email you a discount code each month) or over the phone.

Individual Timed Practice sessions are between 20-30 minutes and can be booked concurrently or on separate days, subject to availability.

For all other events and queries, please call us on 01908 904111.

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