Getting Towed In MK

Well…after a fashion.

When you’ve got the potential for a captive audience right on your doorstep, making your presence known as something unique and distinct from the local competition can call for some unconventional marketing.

Whilst vehicle advertising has been around for a while, our recent investment in a double-sided billboard trailer has proven to be particularly effective in our line of work. Nothing says ‘get your speed thrills in MK’s newest first class, year-round, indoor karting centre’ quite like an 8ft promo board on wheels being towed around the hot spots of Milton Keynes.

Some of you may have seen it cruising around the area and turning heads already. Trouble is, being new to ‘trailering’, I wasn’t sure whether we’d stumbled across a great marketing idea, or if the trailer was simply on fire…

Phil Stanley
Managing Director